Questions To Ask Immigration Lawyers At The Initial Meeting

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Questions To Ask Immigration Lawyers At The Initial Meeting

29 November 2021
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Immigration cases in the US, such as permanent citizenship, can be complex, especially when handling the case independently. Therefore, you likely require an immigration lawyer to help you. However, you need to find the right immigration lawyer. If you've identified a prospective immigration attorney, there are a few essential questions you should ask to determine whether or not they're ideal for your immigration case. Here are the top questions to ask potential immigration lawyers during the first meeting.

Do They Have Experience Handling Past Immigration Cases Similar to Yours?

You should find out about your immigration lawyer's experience to determine whether they're fit for your case. If a lawyer has handled similar cases and has a high success rate, the chances are that they will win your immigration case, too. However, even if an immigration attorney admits that they're experienced, you should ask for proof. In this regard, immigration lawyers should provide the contacts of past clients. Hence, you can talk to the clients regarding the legal immigration services offered by your potential immigration lawyer. If the clients give positive feedback, you should hire that specific immigration lawyer.

What Are the Possible Outcomes of Your Immigration Case?

During the initial meeting with your immigration lawyer, you need to give them the details of your case. Given the complexity or simplicity of your case details, immigration attorneys should predict the case outcome based on the case description. Your lawyer will ensure that they gather the correct facts, file immigration paperwork correctly, and follow all immigration laws to ensure a favorable case outcome. However, your immigration attorney should give several realistic options. Understanding the various case options you have, and their outcomes, can help you prepare well for your case's outcome.

Who Will Handle Your Case Until the End?

Law firms may send immigration lawyers as representatives during your first legal meeting to understand the case's details. However, this doesn't always mean that these lawyers will be the lead lawyers for your case. Therefore, you need to be sure which lawyer will handle your case for easier communication and follow-up.

How Much Do Their Legal Services Cost?

You need an affordable immigration lawyer to avoid financial strain. Therefore, ask your prospective immigration attorney about the cost of their services. Then compare the rate with that of other immigration lawyers offering similar services. If the service cost is within your budget, you can hire an immigration attorney without breaking the bank.

During the first meeting with your prospective immigration attorney, ask about their experience and charges, the possible outcomes of your case, and the lead lawyer in your case. Consider asking these questions to work with the right immigration lawyers.

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