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Staying In The Country I Love

About a year ago, I realized that my work papers were almost up. I could tell that I needed some more time, so I began focusing more seriously on doing what I could to make things right. I began focusing on all of the different ways to stay in the country, and I just kept coming back to the idea that I should talk with an attorney. I spoke with several different lawyers, and after filing the paperwork, I felt ready to fight for my right to stay in the home that I loved. It was really interesting to me to see how much better I felt knowing that I had the option to stay. Check out this blog for more information.


Understanding Non-Citizen’s Rights In Family Court

14 March 2018
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The United States is a melting pot, and there are some marriages between one U.S. citizen and a citizen of another country. If these marriages end in divorce, some things can be complicated, especially if the couple share children who have dual citizenship. If you are a non-citizen of the United States, you may be worried about a number of issues that may arise after a divorce, especially child custody. Continue reading to learn more about non-citizen's rights in family court: Read More …